Per usual rankings will be based on who projects highest at the collegiate level. Recently released were Oregon’s positional rankings for the 2020 class CLICK HERE.

This list is comprised of those athletes (all positions) ranked #1-50. No list is perfect with kids moving up and down the board as the off season progresses.
Anyone you feel should be higher, or is missed, send there info HERE. All relevant comments and feedback is appreciated. 
1. Andy Alfieri 6-3 220 LB Jesuit

COMMITTED: California

Oregon's #1 prospect and one of the top LB's in America for the 2020 class. What will be a 4* national recruit. Earned 1st team all league RB/LB honors and 2nd team all state accolades on both sides of the football. One of the most impressive football families in state history.. Brother Joey Alfieri will be a high round NFL draft choice out of Stanford in 2019. Andy projects as an All American and a future pro himself.

Updated Analysis: Cal scored big getting commitments from Oregon's top two recruits. Andy was selected and will play in the Pro Football Hall of Fame's All American game on CBS. Look for his brother Joey Alfieri to do well as a rookie with the Philadelphia Eagles.

2. Casey Filkins 5-11 193 ATH Lake Oswego

COMMITTED: California

3* National recruit. The Oregon 6A Offensive POY. One of the most exciting athletes ever to come out of the state. Accounted for 2,026 all purpose yards and 37 Tds helping the Lakers to the 2018 state title. Tested in the 99% at the Nike SPARQ combine last off season. More than likely a multi offer Pac 12 athlete when all is said and done. Will be pursued by most of the top high end academic schools in the country. 4.0 student.

Updated Analysis: Filkins was selected as an Adidas All American and will play in the game on NBC this year. He is a special athlete that defies the norms. Expect him to get better every year of his football career.

3. John Miller 6-1 215 LB Tualatin


One of the most athletic kids in the West. A big early commitment for the Beavers. The CO-TRL Defensive POY who earned 1st team all state honors..Accounted for 87 total tackles, 9 tackles for loss, and 3 INTs, Also had an outstanding year on offensive. Miller's overall athleticism is reinforced with his acrobatic dunks on the basketball floor. With continued progression he could be one of the better players in the PAC 12.

4. Jalen John 5-11 205 RB Lakeridge

OFFERS: USC, Nebraska, Arizona, Oregon, Oregon St, Utah

John had a nice Junior year earning 1st team All TRL honors after averaging 8.9 yards per carry and going for 20 TDs. Definitely one of the best backs in the West and an Oregon POY candidate next season. He received multiple D1 offers very early in HS career. All of this said as the question becomes will his stock continue to rise?

Updated Analysis: It was good to see Jalen on the 7v7 circuit as he did well. It will be interesting to see how long he takes to commit as some of those high profile offers might not always be there.

5. Silas Starr 6-3 195 WR Central Catholic


2x 1st team all league WR. Started as a freshman. Caught 43 passes for 838 yards and 11 TDs during the regular season in 2018 racking up 1st team all state honors. Ranked one of the top WR's in the West for the 2020 class. Routes are crisp and precise, the question becomes straight ahead speed and how that translates at the next level.

6. Sandrey Mitberg 6-3 235 DE/OLB Beaverton

OFFERS: Utah St, Idaho, E.Washington

Hands down one of the fastest rising athletes in the NW. D1 Kid. Racked up 1st team All Metro honors requiring a consistent double team coming off the edge. Accounted for double digit sacks. His combination of speed and size puts him towards the top of the charts from a projection standpoint. Outstanding wrestler who just won the 6A title for his weight class.

Updated Analysis: Always been a backer of Mitberg. Had him ranked in the top 10 without any offers. He has blown up recently and could potentially land an Oregon St or some other Pac 12's with a good 2019 campaign.

7. Richard Kennewell 6-3 200 WR/ OLB Clackamas

Hands down one of the fastest rising recruits in the NW. I go back and forth between him and Starr as the top WR in Oregon, speaking to his overall ability. Legit D1 athlete on both sides of the football. Earned 1st team all state honors catching 32 passes for 753 yards and 12 TDs in 2018. Big , fast, physical kid who is currently being slept on. Also one of the top OLB's in the region. Will be a 3* national recruit

Updated Analysis: Currently the most slept on kid in the NW. Has killed it all off season, including at the national 7v7 tournament in Las Vegas, against 3 and 4* kids. Unquestioned D1 athlete.

8. Grant Starck 6-5 280 T/DE Thurston


As of right now probably Oregon's top O lineman from a projection standpoint. Unquestioned D1 athlete. Football family and son of 6-7 head coach Justin Starck. Showed off overall athleticism earning 1st team all state honors on both sides of the football. Helped the Colts to the 5A state title.

Updated Analysis: Starck has separated himself from all of the other lineman in Oregon. He is now a clear cut #1. If he stays healthy look for multiple Pac 12s to go on him at some point.

9. Junior Walling 6-2 220 LB McNary


Could end up the most decorated player ever to come out of McNary HS with 31 consecutive varsity starts. 3* national recruit who earned 1st team all league RB/LB honors and honorable mention all state accolades at backer. The last two seasons he has accounted for 175 total tackles, 38 tackles for loss, 17 sacks, and 2,356 all purpose yards offensively. Numbers did drop off a bit from his Sophomore season. Academic standout (4.0). Helped the Celts to a miraculous turnaround after starting the season 0-5 and then winning the MVC conference.

10. Kalvin Souders 6-3 195 WR Central Catholic

OFFERS: Idaho St, Navy

Souders doesn't get enough credit. If he's on any other roster, other than CC with Starr, he's talked about substantially more. Earned 2nd team All Mt Hood honors. Kalvin currently sits on multiple D1 boards. It will come down to continued progression and how he does against national competition this off season.

11. Luke Marion 6-1 180 FS Tualatin

Son of former NFL Vet, 3 year All Pro Brock Marion. Luke earned 2nd team All TRL honors as he possesses freakish athletic ability. From a projection standpoint his ceiling may be as high as anyone. Look for Marion's stock to skyrocket in the coming months.

12. Zach Slail 6-4 295 DT Southridge

OFFERS: Idaho, Air Force
Impressive kid who earned 2nd team All Metro honors this past season. Projects at the D1 level. Can play on either side of the ball moving very well on the interior for a big man. Film speaks for itself.

Updated Analysis: Not a lot of people know about him as he hasn't done much on the camp circuit until recently. With that being said he is really good

13. Marquis Brown 6-3 175 CB Liberty

One of the fastest rising prospects in the NW. Racked up Conference Player of the Year honors and 1st team all state accolades. At 6-3 he is a very appealing recruit with his size at CB. Played multiple positions, finishing with 9 INTs on the year, while killing it offensively and requiring a consistent double team.

14. Max Lenzy 5-10 170 CB Tigard

OFFERS: Utah St, Idaho, Navy, Montana St,, Sac St, Youngstown St

Lenzy was the CO-TRL Defensive POY .earning 1st team all state honors after picking off 10 passes, which tied for 9th nationally. As most know he is the brother of Notre Dame WR Braden Lenzy, one of Oregon's fastest and best ever. Max is a great kid but undersized in comparison to his sibling. He also caught 32 passes for 518 yards and 4 TDs offensively. He has been ranked a 4* national recruit.

15. Tiger Shanks 6-6 320 OL Lake Oswego


Shanks made the transfer from Lakeridge, helping Lake O to the 2018 6A state title. He earned all conference honors as a freshman and followed that up nicely with a 2nd team all TRL selection this year. Tiger has a ridiculously high ceiling due to his size and overall athletic ability. That said as this off season on the camp circuit, and next year in particular, will be telling as to whether or not he can put it all together.

Updated Analysis: Tiger dropped about 50 pounds so he is still getting used to his new body weight. Once he gets comfortable the sky is the limit, training with the region's top line coach in Alex Linnenkohl

16. Nick Haynes 6-2 180 WR/S Reynolds

OFFERS: Utah St, Montana St

One of the most versatile kids in the NW. Can play 5+ positions on the field. Earned 1st team all league honors as a Sophomore. Projects as a division 1 athlete at some level. Great size and overall physicality. What is now a 3* national recruit

Updated Analysis: Haynes had a nice off season, upping his stock on the 7v7 circuit. He is a big physical CB, who can also play WR and return kicks, making him that much more appealing to D1s.

17. Kainoa Sayre 6-0 190 RB Tualatin

OFFERS: Air Force

Missed his Junior year due to an injury but a special talent who projects as a D1 athlete at some level. Look for him to be back in a big way next season after earning 1st team all TRL honors as a Sophomore.

18. Logan Horton 6-1 215 FB/ ILB Jesuit

The top Fullback in Oregon and probably the NW. Earned 1st team All Metro honors offensively. That said as Horton projects as one of the top L;B's in the state. Expect multiple D1 programs who still use the FB on a consistent basis to be vying for his services.

Updated Analysis: Currently the #1 Fullback in America according to 247. Absolutely destroys kids when hitting the hole. Even if the fullback position isn't widely used anymore, programs will figure out a way to get him in the mix. He is that good.

19. Joe Hutson 6-1 175 DB Lake Oswego

OFFERS: San Diego, Navy

Hutson is one of the fastest rising recruits in the NW. He earned 1st team all league and 2nd team all state accolades during the Lakers 2018 state title run, accumulating 65 total tackles, 5 INT's, and a state leading 27 pass deflections. His stock continues to rise during the off season on the 7v7 circuit with multiple MVP like performances. Hands down one of the top dual threat kids in Oregon.

20. Thomas Dukart 6-2 175 Safety Lake Oswego

COMMITTED: Oregon St- Baseball

Dukart earned 1st team all state honors on both sides of the football. Something no other athlete in Oregon can say at the 6A level. As good as he was offensively (10 TDs) he projects on D if he was to pursue football. All of this said as he is committed to.Oregon St for baseball

21. Parker Mckenna 6-1 210 ILB Beaverton

One of the fastest rising prospects in the region. Big fan of this kid. Absolutely fly's to the ball. Earned 2nd team all league honors (should have been 1st) and is listed among the leading tacklers (115) in the Pacific NW.

Updated Analysis: The fastest rising athlete in Oregon not ranked in the top 10. Parker has jumped 20+ spots in the last couple months. His film is REAL.

22. Damiko Tidmore Jr. 6-5 240 DE/TE West Linn

Truly a kid that could play on either side of the ball. The most potential of any TE in Oregon. Didn't have crazy numbers 7 receptions, 46 yards, and 3 TDs. but runs impressive routes and has the size to be a legit blocker. Honorable mention all conference athlete on both sides of the football. Accounted for 52 total tackles, and 8 tackles for loss.

23. Miles Jackson 6-0 180 CB/RB Central Catholic

OFFERS: Army, Portland St, Montana St, Georgetown

Jackson is a physical, lock down, dual threat kid. He earned 1st team All Mt Hood and honorable mention all state accolades from his CB spot, while ranking as one of the state's top RB's over the last two seasons. Miles is a great kid coming from a football family, with his father Antonio Jackson being a standout WR at PSU back in the day.

Updated Analysis: Broke out on the camp circuit during the off season, looking like the top DB in the NW at the end of the 7v7 season. Miles proved himself against legit national attention.

24. Elijah Elliott 5-9 170 CB ATH Central Catholic

OFFERS: Utah St, Air Force, Army, Portland St, Montana St, Idaho St, Navy, Georgetown, William & Mary

One of the most well rounded athletes in the region (3.8 GPA). Earned 1st team all league accolades at RB, accounting for 1,158 rushing & receiving yards and 18 TDs. That said as he projects on D as a very physical and smart corner. The question remains size and how he would fare at the highest level of D1 ball. His talent is not in question, but a bigger WR could create serious match up problems.

25. Deonte Jones 6-0 185 RB Churchill

OFFERS: Utah St, Portland St

Easily one of the top backs in the NW. Averaged over 200 yards per game in just over 6 contests after making the move from Alabama. Competition has to be taken into account but his #s were ridiculous, going for 20 total Tds and 14.7 ypc. With continued progression he will hold multiple offers when all is said and done.

26. Chase Fletcher 6-2 200 Safety West Linn

One of the fastest rising recruits in the region. Has blown up on the 7v7 circuit. Could end up one of Oregon's top ranked 2020's before he is done. All conference LB who projects as a D1 Safety.. Brother of Bucknell standout Blake Fletcher, one of the state's top defenders covering the last decade. Chase is young for the grade and will be an absolute monster with continued development..

27. Marshall Mcguire 6-3 220 OLB Lake Oswego

COMMITTED: Syracuse - Lacrosse

Mcguire is a division 1 football player if he chose to pursue that route. He is currently committed to Syracuse for Lacrosse. Had an outstanding year coming off the edge racking up 1st team All TRL honors and honorable mention all state accolades at DE. Projects as more of an OLB due to his athleticism. Great size and mobility.

28. Luke Popma 6-4 270 T/G West Linn

OFFERS: Idaho, Air Force, Georgetown

Luke has a stock which has rapidly risen over the last year. His ability to play multiple spots on the line helped him earn honorable mention all conference honors in what was an overachieving season. At 6-4 Popma could still put on some substantial size at the next level which is very appealing from a recruiting standpoint.

Updated Analysis: Popma has upped his stock as much as any lineman in Oregon. Fundamentally he is exceptional. With a good 2019 season he will be a multi offer mid major D1 kid at least.

29. Blake Warner 6-3 265 G/T Mountain View

Hands down one of the top lineman in the NW. Head coach Brian Crum calls him the best lineman he has coached in 23 years. Earned unanimous 1st team all league honors as he projects at the D1 level with continued progression.

Updated Analysis: Warner's film pops. He plays smart and disciplined football. His combination of talent and grades (3.97) could have him at a high end academic D1.

30. Taylor Johnson 6-4 255 DE/T Sheldon

Very versatile lineman who could play 3 or 4 different spots on the field. Racked up 1st team all league and honorable mention all state accolades at Tackle, while projecting as more of a D lineman in my opinion. Made 38 total tackles, 3 sacks, and 2 tackles for loss.

Updated Analysis: Big fan of this kid. Isn't necessarily a big name right now but could end up one of the most recruited lineman in the NW if things play out.

31. Chase Coyle 6-2 200 QB Grants Pass

From a projection standpoint he could very well be the top QB in Oregon for the 2020 class. He is super smooth and confident in the pocket and can beat you with his feet as well. Earned 2nd team all league honors behind Penn St commit Michael Johnson Jr. , finishing the season with 2,602 passing yards (63% com pct) and 27 passing/2 rushing TDs.

Updated Analysis: Coyle has had a great off season recently impressing at the NW Showcase. As of right now he looks like a FCS kid

32. Johnny Nomani 6-3 265 DE/DT Tigard

One of Oregon's fastest rising lineman. Earned 1st team all conference OL accolades in the brutally tough TRL, along with honorable mention all league honors on D, where he might project due to size and mobility.

33. Adrian Sandoval 6-2 250 DE West Linn

Sandoval is a talented kid who. plays with his hair on fire. Comes quick and hard off the edge. Was very influential in big games for the Lions. Will need to be more stout against the run. One of the state sack leaders with 9, also accounting for 43 total tackles.

Updated Analysis: Sandoval has one of the fastest rising stocks in the region. He plays with a no non sense demeanor and has added some substantial size. With continued progression he can play D1 ball.

34. Chance Sparks 6-3 175 WR Century

Sparks has all of the necessary tools to play division 1 football. Over the last two seasons he has caught 118 passes for 2,023 yards and 18 TDs, averaging 17.1 ypc. All of this said as we haven't seen him on the camp circuit or at any 7v7 events against elite regional or national competition, so there are still big question marks..

35. Casey Tawa 6-0 170 WR West Linn

If we are talking efficiency and overall football ability there are few who are better. Tawa earned 1st team All TRL honors in 2018,. He has accounted for 1,466 receiving yards and 11 Tds on 102 catches over the last two seasons. Tawa has Ivy league/ D1 potential with a 4.0+ GPA and 4.5 ish laser 40 yard dash. Expect him to have a monster senior campaign.

Updated Analysis: It wouldn't shock me to see Tawa playing D1 ball at some level. He is that talented. The question becomes does someone give him an opportunity without possessing prototypical size.

36. Emorej Lynk 6-3 225 Kennedy

Went for close to 2000 all purpose yards (1579 rushing) and 23 TDs, racking up 1st team all conference honors on both sides of the football + POY accolades. Truly a man amongst boys at the 2A level which doesn't help from a recruitment standpoint due to the lack of competition

Updated Analysis: This is one is tough to gauge with Lynk playing 2A ball. He is a good looking athlete with size but what happens when he actually faces competition collegiately?

37. Santino Stranieri 6-0 205 WLB Thurston

One of the more underrated kids in Oregon. Had an unreal year helping the Colts to the 5A state title. Earned 1st team all league and honorable mention all state accolades. Had 76 total tackles and 8.5 tackles for loss as Stranieri is an outstanding overall athlete. Could end up playing more of a strong safety type position at the next level.

Updated Analysis: Stranieri's film speaks for itself. Definitely one of the most entertaining players in the state defensively to watch. D1 kid at some level.

38. London Smalley 6-1 175 WR Westview

One of the more impressive receivers in the NW showing flashes of greatness in 2018. Caught 32 passes for 451 yards and 6 TD's, also impressing with his return game totaling 711 all purpose yards

Updated Analysis: Smalley put together some of the best film state wide last year but it was sporadic. Multiple 7v7 performances this of season definitely helped his stock.

39. Ryan Seth 6-0 280 DT West Linn

Potentially the most disruptive lineman in the state Requires a consistent double team. Earned 1st team all league honors on both sides of the football in Oregon's toughest conference, followed by 2nd team all state accolades. Had 69 total tackles, 12 tackles for loss, and 5 sacks.

Updated Analysis: Seth is a disrupter on the defensive front. He has already earned an Ivy league offer from Columbia but I see him as more of a D3/NAIA All American simply due to size.

40. Erik Barker 6-4 210 QB McNary

OFFERS: Georgetown

As referenced previously Barker looks the part and possesses all of the necessary tools. He was ranked a 3* recruit by 247 and his upside justifies that. That said as his #s have been average earning honorable mention all conference honors. Barker helped the Celtics with a mid season turnaround starting the year (0-5) then running the table and winning the league title. Academic standout 4.0 GPA

41. Bryce Boettcher 6-2 185 SS/QB South Eugene

Big, fast, physical kid who can run. Was an all conference QB and LB but projects as more of a SS or WLB at the collegiate level. Boettcher helped South to a nice season (5-4) for a program that has been in the cellar the last few years.

42. Austin Atkeson 6-2 170 QB Clackamas

Maybe the fastest rising stock of any QB in the NW. Earned 1st team all league accolades while splitting reps a majority of the season. Hit on 70% of his passes, throwing 15 TDs/2 INTs. Impressed with his overall athleticism showing a unique ability to elude and score a variety of ways (5 rushing TDs, 264 yards)

Updated Analysis: Austin killed it all year proving to be the Clackamas' clear cut #1. He will be one of the state's best and the primary reason if the Cavs do well.

43. Cooper Justice 6-6 225 QB Lakeridge

Justice is an outstanding multi sport athlete (baseball) who really hasn't had a chance to prove himself on the football field yet, playing backup to Charlie Maynes the last 2 years. As a 6-6 lefty he is a very appealing recruit on the diamond. That said as he has shown flashes of greatness when given the opportunity.

44. TJ Jakmauh 6-5 240 DE/T Lakeridge

TJ is another very talented kid with question marks. When all is said and done he will be a 4 year all conference varsity starter which very few people can say. Jakmauh has a nice frame at 6-5 and projects on O, although he has at times looked better on D. Regardless the kid can play.

45. Carson Budke 6-1 200 QB Beaverton

Led the Metro League in passing, finishing #2 overall state wide. Doesn't get enough credit, tough kid. Comes from a football family. From a projection standpoint it will come down to him having another successful season and limiting his INTs.

Updated Analysis: Budke is a gamer. If Beaverton makes a run it will be because of him. He is not afraid to take shots and knows the game better then most.

46. Venly Tatafu 6-3 300 DT Cleveland

Don't sleep on this man. Followed up an outstanding Sophomore campaign by earning honorable mention 5A All State honors on both sides of the football. Did a great job at center but projects on D at the next level.

47. Keoni Hepa 6-1 270 DT Lakeridge

Hepa had another impressive season in a much tougher conference, after transferring from Jefferson HS , and earning 2nd team all league honors from his DT spot. His ability to maneuver on the interior helped him rack up 44 total tackles. One of the leaders state wide on the D line.

48. Dustyn Coughlin 6-5 290 G Hermiston

1st team all region O lineman with size. Three sport athlete. Had a nice junior year playing in the state of Washington. Potential is there. Mobility is a question mark.

49. Regan Wilson 5-11 180 Slot Aloha HS (Beaverton, OR)

All Conference WR and one of the fastest rising athletes in Oregon for 2020. Went off this past season catching 58 passes for 1110 yards and 12 TDs. Outstanding overall athlete who continues to breakout on the 7v7 circuit.

50. Daniel Pruitt 6-2 195 QB Valley Catholic

Not a lot of people know about Pruitt as he plays 4A ball. That said as he is a phenomenal overall athlete and a potential MLB draft choice. Look for Pruitt to be a conference and possibly state player of the year candidate

50. Timothy Price Jr 6-0 270 DE/OLB Roosevelt

Absolutely went off in 2018 being named the PIL Defensive POY and a 1st team all state selection. Accounted for 49 total tackles, 29 tackles for loss, and 18 sacks while dominating the conference. He is an undersized talent so his recruitment remains a question mark. Overall a great kid, coming from a football family, with his father being the head coach.