NorCal Top Quarterbacks

NorCal Top Class of 2019 Positional Rankings: Winter Evaluation

Battle Prep West is presenting the Top NorCal Class of 2019 players from each positional group for our 3rd year in a row.  Northern California has proven time and time again to be a hotbed of talent and I am continuing with my original goal which was to help showcase the talent from this region to colleges from all over the country at every level.
  • North Coast Section (925, 510, 415, 707), Sac-Joaquin Section(916, 209), Central Coast Section (650, 408, 831), Northern SectionOakland and San Francisco Sections are represented here
  • Criteria Used for Rankings:  Film, Collegiate Projection, Athleticism, Stats, Production against Competition Level, Current Offers
  • Rankings are constantly being updated; There will be a Spring Evaluation Period (Combines, Offers) and Summer 2019 Hot 100 Final Positional Rankings (June 2018)
  • The region is extremely large and sometimes we miss; if you feel like you are worthy of being ranked, please fill out this form HERE
  • Top NorCal Class of 2020 and 2021 are coming soon!
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NorCal Top QB 2019

Kaiden Bennett (Folsom) 6-0, 170

Committed: Boise State

4000+ Passing Yards, 57 TD/13 Int, 67% - 1200+ Rushing, 16 TD

  • One of the top offensive weapons in the Nation - 73 TOTAL TD
  • Reminds us of a faster version of Russell Wilson (Seahawks)
  • Sniper-like accuracy, can throw on a line and with touch
  • Spreads the ball around, great reads
Matt Jenner (Oak Ridge) 6-4, 210

800+ Passing Yards, 14 TD/0 Int

  • Division 1 Caliber multi sport athlete (Football, Baseball)
  • Stands tall and delivers comfortably from the pocket
  • Rocket arm with the athleticism to play multiple positions at next level (QB, WR, LB, TE)
Joey Aguilar (Freedom) 6-4, 185

2500+ Passing, 27 Total TD

  • Excellent mobility in the pocket
  • Quick release, extremely accurate
  • Nice touch on deep ball
Luke Bottari (Serra) 5-11, 175

2770 Passing Yards, 72%, 31 Total TD

  • Superb accuracy and feet in the pocket
  • Extremely productive junior season - led team to State Championship, CCS OPOY
  • Top Shelf athlete, will continue to devleop
Tommy Turner (Lincoln) 6-5, 185

2400+ Passing Yards, 30 Total TD

  • Quick fire release
  • Excellent size and ability to complete underneath throws
  • Calm feet in the pocket
Dominick Maziotti (Amador Valley) 6-4, 210

1500+ Total Yards, 16 Total TD

  • Playmaker with excellent size and speed
  • Best athlete on the field
  • Can play multiple Positions at next level: QB, WR, TE, DE, OLB
Bryce Peterson (Downey) 6-0, 175

3200+ Total Yards, 35 Total TD/9 Int

  • Outstanding junior season statistically
  • Strong arm, spreads the ball around extremely well
  • Good athlete with the ability to run
Justin Boyd (Pittsburg) 5-10, 160

2000+ Total Yards, 27 Total TD/3 Int

  • Mature and extremely smart football player
  • Led team to state title appearance from QB position; mistake free
  • Good athlete, could play QB/WR/DB at next level
Willem Karnthong (Antioch) 5-11, 170 ATH

2400+ Total Yards, 20 TD

  • Quick release, nice touch on deep ball
  • Excellent runner when forced to escape, athlete
  • Great footwork in the pocket
Tyler Dickson (El Cerrito) 6-2, 190

1900 + Total Yards, 25 Total TD

  • Smooth, rangy athlete who will continue to grow
  • Dual threat QB
  • Makes the game feel easy
Carson Jarratt (Del Oro) 6-3, 200

1200+ Passing, 15 Total TD

  • Good size and pocket presence
  • Strong arm
  • Good athlete
Akil Edwards (SPSV) 6-0, 165
  • Game breaking athlete with outstanding top end speed
  • Strong arm - excels at the deep ball
  • Can play multiple positions at the next level
Joey Thresh (Montgomery) 6-1, 205

2700+ Passing Yards, 30TD/7 Int

  • Great athlete, can move the pocket and stand in
  • Strong Arm
  • Great decision maker
Hank Harvego (Jesuit) 6-2, 175

1000+ Total Yards, 12 TD

  • Comfortable under center and in gun
  • Nice touch on over the top passes
  • Good athlete with running ability
Cade Wyant (Rocklin) 6-2, 185

1500 Passing, 10 TD

  • Good accuracy - drives the ball downfield
  • Nice athlete - tough runner when need be
  • Tremendous upside
Jack Fulp (Northgate) 6-0, 170

1800+ Total Yards, 27 Total TD

  • Multi sport athlete, physical player
  • Extremely productive junior season
  • Keeps eyes down field at all times
Dylan Graham (Las Lomas) 6-2, 180

2000+ Passing Yards, 20 TD

  • Comfortable in the pocket
  • Soft touch on over the top throws
  • Good feet
Tanner Hughes (Pleasant Valley) 6-4, 195

1800+ Passing Yards, 16 TD/12 Int

  • Comfortable under center and in gun
  • Good on play action
  • Gets the ball out and downfield
Ty Thomas (Chico) 6-3, 195

1000+ Total Yards, 10 TD

  • Long athlete with good arm
  • Tons of upside
  • Can also run