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Each day this week we will be releasing a different positional group, featuring the top athletes in the Pacific Northwest & Northern California for the 2018 class. If you would like to be considered for our rankings or evaluated please fill out the form HERE.

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(CA) – Northern California (NCS, SJS, CCS, Oakland, SF, Northern)
(OR) – Oregon
(WA) – Washington

Evaluation Criteria

*Athletes will only be listed on one side of the ball & ranked based on who projects highest at the collegiate level.
*This list includes the top athletes from the state’s of Oregon, Washington, and Northern California
*The top 300 list will be distributed to a host of colleges and individuals from around the country
*We will be covering the NW/NorCal Best Collegiate Showcase where you will see most of the individuals referenced here. *These events will take place in Portland and Northern California, during the Winter and Spring. Fill out this form for updates Player Submission Form
*Rankings will be updated in numerical fashion before the end of the season.
*Film is constantly being evaluated and no list is perfect. If you are an athlete that thinks you have been missed, send an email to with your film.

Battle Prep West Talent Evaluators & Contributors- By Jordan Johnson (Oregon/Washington Recruiting Coordinator) @JordanJ_

Jaleel Kindell (NorCal Analyst) – The Battle Prep West Co-Owner has done a phenomenal job of covering Northern California. As a former FCS record breaking receiver himself, Kindell has been involved as a coach, trainer, and now regional scout for the last decade.

Houston Lillard (QB Trainer & BPW Coach/Evaluator) – You can expect to see a host of Northern California and Oregon’s top QB’s and athletes training with Hugh. The former D1 QB (Southeast Missouri) & Arena League Player of the Year is the brother of NBA star Damian Lillard and a Bay Area native. There will be a host of events (camps/combines) run by Lillard & Battle Prep coming up in NorCal this Spring

Alex Brink (QB Trainer & Head Coach Team Oregon/EForce) – One of the state’s all time great QB’s (NFL-Houston Texans, CFL, Washington St, Sheldon HS) finished his professional career less than 2 years ago. He has led Oregon’s top athletes the last two seasons at the national 7v7 tournament in Las Vegas. His group made the final four among 120 teams in attendance in 2015, and finished 11th among 122 teams in 2016.

Alex Linnenkohl (Line Pro Founder) – The former All Pac-10 lineman at Oregon State is currently training a majority of the top big men in the Pacific Northwest. After starting for 3 years at OSU, he went on to play with the Chicago Bears – NFL and Iowa Barnstormers of the Arena League.

Top Defensive Ends Class of 2018

Oct 02, 2016 - - 166
(OR) DE/TE Draco Bynum (Wilsonville) 6-5, 240


Oct 02, 2016 - - 190
(CA) DE/TE RJ Stone (Valley Christian) 6-4, 210
Oct 15, 2016 - - 209
(CA) DE/TE TJ Pesefea (Foothill) 6-4, 270
Oct 02, 2016 - - 193
(CA) DE/TE JH Tevis (Menlo School) 6-4, 205
Oct 02, 2016 - - 170
(CA) DE Jordan Stanley (Heritage) 6-4, 235
Oct 02, 2016 - - 180
(CA) DE Jett Stanley (Heritage) 6-3, 230
Oct 02, 2016 - - 207
(CA) DE Michael Pryor (Pittsburg) 6-2, 225
Oct 13, 2016 - - 193
(CA) DE Cade Hall (Bellarmine Prep) 6-3, 225
Oct 03, 2016 - - 232
(WA) DL/OL Quinzy Salu (Decatur) 6-2, 245
Oct 13, 2016 - - 220
(CA) DE Jake Levengood (Vacaville) 6-4, 230
Oct 02, 2016 - - 195
(OR) DE Justin Babcock (Westview) 6-3, 220
Oct 02, 2016 - - 213
(OR) DE/TE Christian Janes (West Salem) 6-3, 220

#45 (CA) DE Viliami Niupalau (Grant)

Oct 15, 2016
#45 (CA) DE Viliami Niupalau (Grant)
Oct 04, 2016 - - 197
(CA) DE Max Pierce (Gilroy) 6-3, 200