Tigard Tigers (L-R) Max Lenzy ATH and Brayden Zolkoske (6-5 290 OL/DL 20')

Tigard Tigers (L-R) Max Lenzy ATH and Brayden Zolkoske (6-5 290 OL/DL 20′)

It’s extremely rare to report on athletes who haven’t played a High school game yet. That said as the tradition rich Tigard football program could potentially have one of the top freshman duo’s anywhere in the country.

Most are familiar with 4*all everything athlete Braden Lenzy, who will be a Junior this fall for the Tigers. He has been offered by the likes of Oregon, Oregon St, Cal, Washington St, and Purdue to name a few. You can expect his youngest brother Max to be similar in talent, or as Braden says, “He will be better than me.”

If that is accurate Tigard will continue to be in the state title mix for years to come. Speaking on his goals for the upcoming season Max says, “I want to have a great year at RB and Safety, and at the end of the season hopefully have an opportunity to swing up to Varsity for the playoffs”. Adding. ” I want to earn the respect as Max Lenzy and not Braden Lenzy’s younger brother.” Talent aside you would be hard pressed to find more well rounded and respectful kids.

Up front the Tigers could have one of the best big men ever to come out of the Northwest if projections play out. It’s still early and a lot could happen, but as of right now Brayden Zolkoske (6-5 290 OL/DL 20′) looks the part and then some.

Houston Lillard, one of the region’s top trainers, has been working with the big man and says, “He is light on his feet, flexible, and incredibly coordinated…. Although he will be playing on the line his overall athleticism is freaky for a 14 year old.”

The TRL could have three of the top lineman in the country for the class of 2020. Tiger Shanks (6-5 320 OL 20′) and TJ Jakmauh (6-4 275 T/DE 20′) will most likely start for Lakeridge this season. With continued progression scouts from all over America will be venturing to Oregon the next few years to watch the trio.