Inspirational would be the best way to describe the Noil kids. Originally from Louisiana the duo projects at the Division 1 level, with Wyryor recently grabbing his first offer from Idaho.

Wyryor is an honor roll student and a community leader. He is one of the most versatile kids in the state both on and off the field. If we were to select a president and public speaker from our Oregon group it would be him.

The oldest Noil has a toughness that resonates. His younger brother Mike fears no one and is constantly up in the mix making plays. Never lacking confidence Michael will mentally and verbally wear his opponents down. He will be one of the top players in the state for the 2018 class.

That said as Wyryor earned 1st team all PIL accolades as a junior and was a key member of the Team Oregon/ EForce Upperclassmen, scoring 4 TD’s at the national tourney in Vegas.

At the same tournament Mike grabbed Co -Defensive MVP honors for the Underclassmen team, picking off 2 passes and helping the group to wins over FSP/Seattle & Kenion Training/Oakland.

You will see Wyryor playing a host of positions for Don Johnson’s Senators in 2016. You would be hard pressed to find a better coach and mentor in the state, as we have talked about that many times before.

In summary watch out for Madison & the Noil kids this season. Mike is a game changer if you get him in space, as his ability to bounce and accelerate put him an elite category. Expect both athletes to be PIL Player of the Year candidates on what should be a conference title contending team.