Grant 8th Grade (L-R) Miles Jackson, Elijah Elliot, DeMarzhe Nelson, Caleb Jordan

Team Oregon 8th Grade (L-R) Miles Jackson, Elijah Elliot, DeMarzhe Nelson, Caleb Jordan

Anyone paying attention to youth football over the last half decade is well aware of the Grant youth program. Head Coach Anthony Jordan and the kids out of Portland have blasted opponents, going 60-0 in conference, with three regional titles and a national championship.

To say this a rarity would be an understatement. Until now Oregon has never produced a group that was so dominant. Looking at the athletes and how they stack up, you see kids incredibly talented on and off the field. When all is said and done Elijah Elliott (5-8 180 RB/DB) has the potential of being one of the state’s best…Ever. He went for 30+ TD’s last season and sports a 4.0 GPA. He is equally talented on the basketball floor where his brother Deante Strickland was the Mt Hood Conference player of the year in hoops a few years back.

Elliott is similar to Salvon Ahmed of Juanita High School (Kirkland, WA). Ahmed currently holds offers from Oregon, USC and the rest of the Pac 12. Salvon will be participating on February 21st as Team Washington travels to Portland to play Team Oregon, in the “NW Title Weekend.” (Salvon 8th grade championship video

Add to this the Coach’s son Caleb Jordan (6-0 155 QB/ATH/S), and you have a phenomenal overall athlete that can play multiple spots on the field. He is another kid that does well in the classroom, representing with a 3.5 GPA and a work ethic that can’t be taught. His father has instilled discipline in all of the boys. Something that goes way beyond football and will forever play a role in their development.

Speaking to this Jordan says, “For all six years I directed GYF we had grade check every two weeks”. Adding, “It was a minimum 2.5 GPA or no play, and we grew the standard to a combined 3.47 GPA among 125 athletes.”


Continuing on with the future D1 athletes, DaMarzhe Nelson (5-8 185 RB/LB ) is another name that you will hear often. His brother Billy Nelson was a standout at Evergreen High School in SW Washington under Don Johnson, one of the Northwest’s top HS coaches. Billy is now on scholarship at Weber State.

DaMarzhe is physically dominant and one of the nation’s top wrestlers. Expect him to be a factor on both sides of the football and potentially one of the top players on the west coast.

Jammie Simms (6-1 170 WR/FS) and elite sprinter Miles Jackson (5-11 150 RB/LB) round out our 8th grade Team Oregon group. These athletes will be representing EForce at the 7v7 national tourney in Las Vegas. Jackson is another kid, much like Elliott, that has proven too much for defenses to stop. You can’t teach speed and he consistently puts that on display.

Other individuals who have lead up front and will be some of the top lineman in the region include; TJ Price (6-0 220 DL/OL), Maleek Christianson (6-2 225 OL), Jordan Reed (6-0 190 C/DE), Safia Greenwood 5-10 215 (OL/DL), Jelen Jones (6-2 185 DE/TE), Tin-Tin Mapapalangi 6-2 245 OL/DL), Logan Wilson (5-10 170 DE/LB), and Malik Kelley (6-3 185 DE/TE).

In summary this could end up being one of the top high school classes ever to represent the state. All of the coaches, athletes, and families should be commended for their dedication and continued success. We will keep you updated as the group will compete for the 7v7 national title as part of Team Oregon next month.