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Oregon Top WR's (2017)

Oregon Top WR’s (2017)

** Over the next few months we will be breaking down the top athletes by position for the 2017 class. Rankings are determined by who projects highest at the next level. As the season comes to a close we will add to this list and organize numerically. All relevant feedback is appreciated as we will periodically update each...
Legit: Top 2017's David Morris, Elijah Molden, and Anthony Adams

Legit: Top 2017’s David Morris, Elijah Molden, and Anthony Adams

Over the next few months recruiting will pick up a great deal for Oregon’s top Junior’s. Elijah Molden could end up being one of the most recruited kids in the country, while David Morris and Anthony Adams rank at the top of the charts within the state. Expect both Morris and Adams to be double...