Here is our Battle Prep West Northern California Class of 2018 Top Players by Position List. Northern California is once again loaded with top quality prospects. This list consists of players from NCS, CCS, SJS, Oakland and San Francisco sections with a few players from the Northern section. We will be updating these lists as the off-season moves along based on offers, camp performances and 7v7 performances.

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The criteria we use to create these lists are based on:

– Collegiate Level Projection (D1, D2, D3, NAIA)
– Size
– Athleticism
– How well did the player dominate their level of competition
– Stats
– All-Conference Honors

Due to the size of Northern California it is impossible for us to find every player before we publish our lists, if you would like to submit a player for review please fill out this form – Any relevant feedback or updates is appreciated –

2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Blake McDonald (San Ramon Valley) 6-5, 295

Offers: UCLA, California, Oregon State, Hawaii, San Jose State, Nevada, Arizona State, Texas State

  • Dominant run blocker
  • NFL Size and good athleticism
  • Good usage of hands, works to the next level well
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Max Barth (St. Mary's of Stockton) 6-6, 280

Offers: UCLA, Fresno State, California

  • Elite size and good feet
  • Good hands and pass blocking ability
  • One of the top lineman on the west coast
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Miles Owens (Bishop O'Dowd) 6-7, 295

Offers: UCLA, Oregon State, San Jose State

  • Big time athlete, moves well for size
  • Tons of potential at the Tackle spot
  • Uses his hands well, excels at pass blocking
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Brandon Mello (Clayton Valley Charter) 6-7, 295

Offers: California, Oregon State, Fresno State

  • Super athlete, moves extremely well
  • Long arms, Elite NFL Size
  • One of the top lineman on the west coast
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Bryan Catchings (Oak Ridge) 6-3, 270

Offers: Hawaii

  • Monster left tackle, can also play guard
  • Elite size and strength combination
  • Plays with tenacity, looking to get pancakes
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Adam Lebish (Livermore) 6-5, 290
  • One of the top Guards in NorCal
  • Elite size and strength
  • Can easily play Tackle or on the D-line
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL/DL Antonio Mafi (Serra) 6-3, 350
  • Truly dominant interior lineman
  • Pancake machine, opens up huge holes on the offensive
  • Demands a double team on defense
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL/DT Zach Walsh (Foothill) 6-4, 280
  • Plays with tenacity, blocks to the whistle
  • Can contribute on the d-line
  • Good technique, can play guard or tackle
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL/DE Nico Sarale (Oakdale) 6-4, 235
  • Division 1 Size and Speed combo
  • Fires off the football, good pad level while blocking
  • Can play DE in college or put on weight and play OL
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL/DL Daniel Machado (Valley Christian) 6-3, 270
  • Extremely quick off the football
  • Great on pulls, runs well in the open field
  • Drives his feet on contact
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL/DE Freddy Muzio (Vacaville) 6-4, 275
  • Big fast and athletic, good technique
  • Good pad level on run blocks
  • Versatile football player, will continue to get stronger
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Presten Manley (Rocklin) 6-5, 283
  • Elite D1 Size and strength
  • Good pad level
  • Excels at run blocking
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Noah Lunday (Folsom) 6-2, 250
  • Versatile offensive lineman, can play anywhere
  • Pancake machine, top lineman on elite NorCal team
  • Explosive off the ball, great weight room numbers
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) DT Darryel Abraham (Grant) 6-1, 290
  • Explosive guard, gets pancakes regularly
  • Always looking for the next block, active
  • Can play OL or DL
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) Center Tyler Geide (Rocklin) 6-2, 260
  • True center, rare - great technique
  • Excellent against the run
  • Good hands and feet
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Ben Makoni (Menlo Atherton) 6-3, 305
  • Premium size and strength
  • Pancake machine at Guard
  • Good interior D-lineman, hard to block
2018 NorCal Top OL | OL 6'2, 245 Jack O'Hearn (Marin Catholic)
  • Excellent athlete, center/long snapper combo
  • Good motor and technique
  • Center for one of the top offenses in NorCal
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Manuel Ricci (Elk Grove) 6-1, 260
  • Good technique
  • Great hands and motor
  • Will continue to grow and develop
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL/DL Lonnie Turner (Bishop O' Dowd) 6-5, 360
  • Monster o-lineman that can play guard or tackle
  • Lots of potential
  • Good overall athlete
2018 NorCal Top OL | (CA) OL Ervin Brown-Alexander (Palo Alto) 6-6, 260
  • D1 Size
  • Good athlete
  • Tons of potential