Here is our Battle Prep West Northern California Class of 2018 Top Players by Position List. Northern California is once again loaded with top quality prospects. This list consists of players from NCS, CCS, SJS, Oakland and San Francisco sections with a few players from the Northern section. We will be updating these lists as the off-season moves along based on offers, camp performances and 7v7 performances.

NorCal Top 2018 QB
NorCal Top 2018 WR
NorCal Top 2018 DE
NorCal Top 2018 DB
NorCal Top 2018 MLB
NorCal Top 2018 OLB
NorCal Top 2018 TE
NorCal Top 2018 RB

The criteria we use to create these lists are based on:

– Collegiate Level Projection (D1, D2, D3, NAIA)
– Size
– Athleticism
– How well did the player dominate their level of competition
– Stats
– All-Conference Honors

Due to the size of Northern California it is impossible for us to find every player before we publish our lists, if you would like to submit a player for review please fill out this form – Any relevant feedback or updates is appreciated –

(CA) LB Angel Asiasi (De La Salle) 6-0, 210
  • Very comfortable in coverage, great athlete
  • Plays sideline to sideline, can play inside or outside LB - Safety at the next level
  • Football family, Brother is at Michigan
(CA) LB Mack Roesner (Marin Catholic) 6-2, 220
  • Sheds blocks well - long arms allow him to defeat blocks
  • Elite size and speed combination - athlete, could play H back at the next level
  • Outstanding tackler
(CA) LB EJ Haag-Larry (Sacramento) 5-11, 200

2016 Season Stats: 72 Tackles, 1 Int, 3 TFL, 2 Sacks

  • Playmaker on the defensive side, can blitz or drop into coverage
  • Absolute tackling machine, tracks down the ball every play
  • Great athlete with good speed, can contribute on offense
(CA) LB Austin Baze (Bear River) 6-2, 230

2016 Season Stats: 77 Tackles, 4 TFL, 6 Rush TD

  • Big, fast and strong - D1 Frame
  • Excellent tackler, makes good reads
  • Physically mature high school player - versatile, also an offensive weapon
(CA) LB Nate Otto (Oak Ridge) 6-1, 200

2016 Season Stats: 141 Tackles, 1 Int

  • Creates turnovers, all over the field on defense and special teams
  • Fast strong LB - closes on the ball carrier well
  • Statistically one of the top tacklers in California
(CA) LB Ferrin Manuleleua (Manteca) 6-2, 200

2016 Season Stats: 116 Tackles, 5 TD, 19 TFL

  • D1 Size and Speed combination
  • Good strength, excellent tackler
  • Led defense to a deep playoff run
(CA) LB Justin Houlihan (Nevada Union) 6-1, 225

2016 Season Stats: 129 Tackles, 3 Sacks, 1 Int, 300+ Total Yards

  • Outstanding strength and mobility combination
  • Smart reads from the LB position, also a dangerous ball carrier and blocker on offense
  • Tackling machine, extremely productive junior season
(CA) LB Dawson Trent (Napa) 6-0, 205

2016 Season Stats: 26 Tackles, 2 TD

  • Good athlete, carries the ball well and can catch out of the backfield
  • Can play inside or outside LB at the next level
  • Great size and strength
(CA) LB Conner Edgar (Valley Christian) 6-0, 225

2016 Season Stats: 406 Total Yards, 3 TD, 17 Tackles

  • Bone crushing fullback on the offensive side
  • Top shelf athlete, will outrun you in the open field
  • Can play RB, FB or LB at the next level
(CA) LB Jason Gallagher (Jesuit) 6-1, 225

2016 Season Stats: 119 Tackles, 12 TFL, 4 Sacks, 3 Int, 1 TD

  • Great reads, is involved in every play - active
  • Big and strong with deceptive speed
  • Great in coverage and against the run
(CA) LB Lasa Tofi (Archbishop Riordan) 5'9, 220

2016 Season Stats: 3 TD, 1 Int

  • Strong and fast, makes quick reads and gets to the ball
  • Excellent eyes and hands in coverage
  • One of the Top LB's in the CCS
(CA) LB/TE Sam Walker (Miramonte) 6'3, 218
  • Excellent tackler, wraps up well
  • Good size and athleticism, could play TE at next level as well
  • Big frame that can put on weight at next level
(CA) LB Jordan Seiden (Moreau Catholic) 6-0, 215

2016 Season Stats: 65 Tackles, 1 Int

  • Active, fast linebacker
  • Makes a lot of plays behind the line of scrimmage
  • Violent tackler, could possibly play SS at the next level
(CA) LB Brandon Owens (St. Mary's of Albany) 6-0, 212

2016 Season Stats:: 46 Tackles, 4 TFL

  • Physical and fast
  • Patrols the middle of the field, plays sideline to sideline
  • Excellent tackler
(CA) LB Andrew Birch (Del Oro) 6-0, 215

2016 Season Stats: 110 Tackles, 5 Sacks

  • Patrols the middle for one of the best teams in NorCal
  • Great reads, finds the football fast
  • Excellent tackler in traffic
(CA) LB Antonio Andrade (Gilroy) 6-0, 220

2016 Season Stats: 6.5 Sacks, 47 Tackles

  • Quality athlete
  • Makes a lot of plays
  • Versatile player, can play WR or RB on offense
(CA) LB Zavionne Wilson (Kennedy) 6-0, 218

2016 Season Stats: 83 Tackles, 5 Sacks

  • Good athlete with good size
  • Finds the football every play
  • Excellent tackler